The New School

of Fundraising

uncommon education
for community crusaders

The New School

of Fundraising

uncommon education
for community crusaders

hello fundraiser!

The New School of Fundraising is just that - New! We are reimagining fundraising education and believe that each and every one of us has a little bit of a fundraiser inside.


Whether you are a professional fundraiser, volunteer or passionate community member, the New School of Fundraising is a place that is dedicated to equipping you with the skills that you need to raise funds. We know that helping people to raise more money will strengthen our communities and ultimately make the world a better place.


Our approach is grounded in personal interaction and relationship building, focusing on both the art and science of fundraising. We run courses and workshops throughout the year, offer private training and host special events.

our curriculum

The New School of Fundraising offers a variety of virtual training options to suit your needs. Learn more about our offerings below, or view our course calendar here.


Our signature course focuses on fundraising theory as well as practical application. Students will build their skills and confidence by improving their knowledge of the science behind fundraising success and gain an appreciation and awareness of the art.


We offer short, skill-building workshops on topics ranging from social media to sponsorship to community fundraising and everything in between.

fundraising capacity accelerator program

brought to you by First West Foundation


We are excited to launch this program supporting non-profit organizations that have limited resources and basic fundraising knowledge.

Applications for our first cohort are now closed.

private training

Do you have unique training needs? Need more flexibility for scheduling? Private training is available for individuals or groups. You will find value in our tailored approach and we will work with you to identify the best course of action.

special events

We are excited to be hosting the following events in recognition of National Indigenous People's Day and hope to see you in our virtual audience!

indigenous fundraisers sharing circle

The New School of Fundraising invites to you join us for a virtual roundtable discussion. Our Indigenous owned and led fundraising school wants to hear directly from you and learn more about how our school can support you in your fundraising efforts, support the non-profits that you work for and also just get to know you better. No topic is off the table, let’s talk – let’s learn, together!
There is no cost to attend.


June 2nd

10am - 12pm PST


Join us as we welcome a panel of friends and colleagues who have been asking:

  • How can we support Indigenous fundraisers? What do they need?
  • How can we help Indigenous non-profits to raise more money?
  • Could we weave traditional Indigenous knowledge into modern fundraising? How would we go about that? What would it look like?

We may not have the answers but we want to talk about how to move these issues forward and hope to come away with tangible next steps for the school.


June 14th

10am - 12pm PST

100% of the proceeds from the event will be used to develop programming to support Indigenous fundraisers and non-profits


Join Nicole Taylor-Sterritt with Rowena Veylan and special guest Elder Dean to learn more about Indigenous protocols that we encounter in our fundraising world.
Be prepared for sharing and reflecting mixed with a few laughs, a full heart and possibly a couple of tears.


June 15th

10am - 12pm PST

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