leadership development

Our five week leadership development program is here to support you, no matter where you are on your career path. We will explore theoretical concepts as well as the tactics and tools that you need to increase your leadership potential.


Registration is kept to a maximum of 12 participants, which allows our instructors to get to know you and personalize their approach to the workshop content, allowing plenty of time for discussion and questions. Each of our instructors has curated content that relates to the leadership journey within the non-profit industry. They understand your unique challenges. They want to see you not only succeed, but thrive!

who is this PROGRAM for?

This program is ideal for anyone in the non-profit industry who is interested in exploring, developing and nurturing their leadership potential. We have not identified a required number of years in our industry - or even years in leadership positions - because everyone is on their own journey. This program will resonate with you when you need it!

what we'll cover

week 1: meet and greet with mingler

Let’s get to know each other and spend a bit of time with each of our leadership instructors!

week 2: communicating clearly & confidently

Instructor: Jennifer Deane


Effective communication is the most important skill set for any leader to master. In your career path you will move from being an individual contributor to a member of a team and your work will be dependent on the input of many others. You have an opportunity to inspire and empower people to take action with clear communication whether you are working with a team member, donor or volunteer. Take some time out to learn a model to support you to be clear and confident when communicating with any audience.

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Specifically, you will learn:
  • Your default communication style and why you need to flex into other styles
  • How to prepare for important conversations including doing an assessment of your audience
  • How to be a clarity partner during communication opportunities with any audience
  • How to inspire action with clear calls to action in every communication opportunity

You will also receive a planning tool to support your preparation for any communication opportunities.

week 3: Situational leadership

Instructor: Cheryl Stafford


Do you want to motivate others to perform at their highest level on an ongoing basis? Have you experienced that a one size fits all approach to leading teams is quick yet ineffective? Leadership is most effective when the team is motivated to initiate and complete work with confidence. This is possible when leaders understand how to flex their leadership approach in order to meet the unique need of each team member.

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Building on the Communicating Clearly & Confidently module, in this workshop you will be introduced to a situational/adaptive leadership model which will support you to implement a mix of leadership styles on a day-to-day basis. This process facilitates a win/win outcome of successful task/goal achievement and motivation of your team. You will learn how to use a framework and checklist to support you to use the style that is most effective for different situations.

week 4: Building and Supporting an Inclusive Fundraising Culture

Instructor: Tanya Rumble


Many organizations are struggling to diversify their staff, volunteer, and board members. The work of inviting people with intersectional identities into an organization starts well before the recruitment process and is complex and long-term transformational work. It begins with building an inclusive culture that permeates strategies, policies, and ways of working throughout that is consistent, intentional, and properly prioritized and resourced. Regardless of your positional leadership, it is important to underscore that in building an inclusive and equitable fundraising culture is inextricably linked to leadership, performance measures and culture.

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Join Tanya Rumble to:

  1. Learn about strategies to create fundraising culture and practices that ensure relationships are grounded in equity and anti-oppression
  2. Develop skills to share power, hold space and give up power to build inclusive strategies and cultures
  3. Explore how to support people with diverse lived experience and intersectional identities to ascend to greater leadership in fundraising

week 5: panel q&a and mingler

Get ready for a Q&A like never before! We will be welcoming a panel of industry leaders to join us for an open conversation about anything on your mind.

how is this delivered?

We will be meeting by Zoom each week, so a video connection is required.


Jennifer Deane

Communicating Clearly & Confidently

Jennifer Deane is a Professional Certified Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator. She has over 20 years of experience bringing out the best in leaders and teams through coaching and targeted training and development. Jennifer specializes in coaching leaders to inspire others with their ability to listen and communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

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She works with her clients to develop visionary and strategic thinking that empowers them to lead with purpose and integrity.

Jennifer has coached leaders at all levels across sectors in public and private organizations globally. Jennifer brings passion and energy to every exchange and truly partners with her clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. Jennifer’s clients are peppered around our planet actively making a difference in their homes, organizations, and communities while living and leading with passion, clarity, and purpose.

Cheryl Stafford

situational leadership

Cheryl Stafford is a professional certified coach and leadership consultant with over 30 years of demonstrated success in helping individual, teams and organizations achieve their potential. Cheryl uses behaviours, personality and neuroscience as a foundation for helping her clients understand why they do what they do and how to make transformative changes that result in more positive relationships, improved communications and increase in happiness and success.

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Cheryl has specialized certifications in leadership development and coaching and uses a lens of neuroscience, behaviour and a personality to help her clients increase awareness of self and others. This creates the space for transformational growth and charismatic leadership presence. She works with organizations in a variety of industries including vast experience in non-profit sector. She is the past president of the International Coaching Federation in Vancouver and was previously the Director, Human Resources for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Tanya Rumble


Tanya is a fundraising executive and thought leader on the intersections of equity and philanthropy. She is Executive Director, Development in the Faculty of Arts and Yellowhead Institute at Toronto Metropolitan University and Co-Founder of Recast Philanthropy. As a racialized philanthropy professional Tanya is honoured to share her influence and insights with students, emerging professionals and peers in the sector.

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She holds a Master in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton, Graduate Certificate in Marketing Communications from NYU and a Honours B.A. from McMaster. Tanya is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), Communications Management Professional (CMP), and Master Financial Advisor - Philanthropy (MFA-P™). Tanya gratefully acknowledges the Indigenous communities whose territory she is a settler and responsible steward of.




The New School of Fundraising is committed to reducing barriers to access our programming. If you are unable to pay a registration fee please reach out directly to Rowena at to discuss options.

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