Our Fundraising Accelerator Lift program is aimed at creating a strong foundation for fundraising, supported by a plan for implementation, as well as marketing and communications efforts. It is ideal for organizations who are looking for ways to diversify their revenue, have limited staffing (usually with only one person to fundraise) and want to walk away with a plan.


Program participant: staff member or volunteer who leads fundraising efforts. Registration is limited to only one participant per organization.

what we'll cover

Course Sessions

of Fundraising

2 hours


3 hours

Effective Communication

2 hours

Creating Your
Fundraising Plan

2 hours

Coaching Sessions

1: 1 Coaching

Coaching sessions with the program instructor

4 30-minutes

how is this delivered?

Theory and practical application course sessions

Community building amongst peers

1:1 coaching support to implement plans

Opportunity to further knowledge in specific areas

A Zoom connection that can support video is required for this program. If you are not able to connect by video through Zoom and are interested in participant, please contact the school at


Rowena Veylan

You can read our instructors' bios here.


$650 per organization

$150 per Indigenous-led organization supported by First West Foundation (Cohort 2 only)


Thank you to First West Foundation for your support of our program. All available bursaries have now been allocated for 2024.

2024 dates

Cohort 1

open to all registrants

April 8: 10am - noon
April 15: 9:30am – 12:30pm
April 29: 10am - noon
May 6: 10am - noon


Cohort 2

Indigenous-led organizations only

May 6: 10am - noon
May 13: 9:30am – 12:30pm
May 27: 10am - noon
June 3: 10am – noon


Cohort 3

open to all registrants

October 17: 10am - noon

October 24: 9:30am – 12:30pm

November 7: 10am - noon

November 14: 10am – noon

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