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Our workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn more about a single topic. They are designed to support a wide range of audiences, from professional fundraisers and those who support fundraising, to the general public.


Instructors provide fundamental information for attendees but also leave time for questions and discussion. We find that often there is an opportunity for attendees to learn from each other as well.


Workshops are held over Zoom and a video connection is preferred (but not mandatory) for attendance.

workshop offerings

Introduction to Fundraising

This workshop is designed to provide a general overview of fundraising concepts and terminology that will strengthen your understanding of how to raise money.

Diversifying Revenue

This workshop will discuss strategies to diversify revenue at your organization as well as the strategy behind the decision making.

Fundraising for Board Members

This workshop will introduce foundational fundraising concepts and introduce ways that you can become involved.

Indigenous Protocols for Fundraisers

This workshop will explore and explain Indigenous protocols within the fundraising industry.

The Power of Your Story

This workshop will explore how story telling can be used to communicate impact whether you are talking to donors, writing grant applications, preparing an annual report or writing copy for your newsletter.

Sponsorship Bootcamp (micro edition)

This workshop will explore the practice of sponsorship and how to use this powerful fundraising vehicle as a component of a diversified fundraising plan.

Developing a Case for Support

This workshop will walk you through the development of a case for support and teach you more about the many ways to use it.

Social Media with Purpose!

This workshop will review strategies for effectively utilizing different social media tools to build awareness and support fundraising campaigns.

Strategic Grant Seeking

This workshop will offer knowledge to increase your grant fundraising success by providing practical and strategic ways to build a list of grant-making foundations and identify those most likely to give to your cause.

Our leadership track

workshops for leaders with more than 8 years' experience

Strategic Influence for Leaders

This workshop will introduce you to key aspects of strategic influence that will help you to be more influential in your approach when getting others on board.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

This workshop will explore how to use accountability to save time, reduce conflict, empower others, and help people to grow.

Developing Others to Build Engagement & Performance

This workshop will equip you with the tools and skills you need to effectively develop others.

"Rowena was a great instructor with great range and depth to her knowledge, but it was her kindness and gentle encouraging personality that I feel encouraged discussion, interaction and real learning and engagement. She created genuine engagement online in such a short time, I am truly impressed and grateful."


"I was skeptical when I first signed on but this was a very productive use of my time and I am grateful for the energy I feel after the webinar. The mixture of the content, Rowena, the participation of other passionate not profit leaders was infectious. I feel a renewed passion in our cause/work that Covid-19 and the isolated silos it has created has drained. Thank you."


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