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Our fundraising accelerator programs are designed to support the creation of healthy non-profits - we define health as having the resources that they need to carry out their mission. Content is delivered in course format and personalized coaching supports implementation of ideas.


We work with small groups of no more than 10 to build foundational knowledge as well as community, allowing participants to get to know each other and work through challenges and opportunities together. We often say that “the answers are in the room.”

who is this PROGRAM for?

We have two accelerator programs, each intended for different levels of organizational readiness and need. Please read carefully to determine if one would work for your organization, and click the links to learn more. Reach out if you have questions.


This program is aimed at creating a strong foundation for fundraising, supported by a plan for implementation, as well as marketing and communications efforts. It is ideal for organizations who are looking for ways to diversify their revenue, have limited staffing (usually with only one person to fundraise) and want to walk away with a plan.


Program participant: staff member or volunteer who leads fundraising efforts

Take Flight

This program is intended to provide support for fundraising efforts that are already underway. It is ideal for organizations who have a solid foundation but are looking for support to take it to the next level. They have multiple staff members to participate in the program and the ability to action what is learned.


Program participants: lead fundraiser, CEO/Executive Director and marketing/communications staff member

"Even though I have participated in numerous training opportunities over the years, having current and relevant information provided, specifically tailored to our situation, has been so helpful and appreciated!


I have come away with a much clearer idea of how to proceed with reinvigorating our fundraising plan as well as stronger knowledge of best practices. The insightful reminders and helpful tips have helped to re-energize me to build a realistic and manageable plan while setting our sights high. I particularly appreciate the frequent references to ensuring that we approach our messaging and fundraising efforts honestly, respectfully and strategically.


Thank you one again for this future success-building opportunity!"

fundraising capacity accelerator participant

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