fundraising for board members

Congratulations for supporting a non-profit organization by joining their board! Now let’s talk about fundraising. We understand it is not everyone’s favourite topic, but it does happen to be ours.

This workshop will introduce foundational fundraising concepts so that you are better equipped to understand the work of the fundraisers and the methods used to raise money. We will also introduce ways that you can become involved in revenue generation while staying in your comfort zone.

This workshop is available to be booked privately. There is no limit to size but a group under 12 is ideal. Organizations have the option to include staff members as well.

workshop details

suitable for: board members who would like to learn more about fundraising and how they can contribute    
commitment: 2 hours
instructor: Rowena Veylan
workshop size: unlimited but ideally under 12
format: this workshop is held over Zoom and a video connection is preferred (but not mandatory) for attendance
investment: $450 (includes a 30 minute Zoom call to get to know you)

E-mail for more information and/or to inquire about availability

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