Let’s Talk About Relationships, Reciprocity and Reconciliation


June 14, 2022
10:00am – 12:00pm PST

Our June 14th Let’s Talk event is in recognition of National Indigenous Peoples day and I (Rowena, the founder of our school) feel a deep personal connection to our topic. My grandmother spent fifteen years in residential school and as a result of that I grew up far from my Indigenous family and culture. I am just learning to lean into my Indigenous self and am honoured when Indigenous fundraisers from across the country take the time to reach out to me, introduce themselves and tell me that they are excited about the school.

The team at our school has been asking questions. How can we support Indigenous fundraisers? What do they need? How can we help Indigenous non-profits to raise more money? In 2021, 3.3% of charitable donations in Canada went to Indigenous Peoples. Let’s change that! Could we weave traditional Indigenous knowledge into modern fundraising? How would we go about that? What would it look like? Could we then add this to our school curriculum?

Join us on June 14th from 10am – 12pm for our Let’s Talk event where I will welcome a panel of friends and colleagues who are interested in the same questions. We may not have the answers but we want to talk about how to move these issues forward. I want to come away with tangible next steps for the school.

Tickets are $40 and 100% of the proceeds from the event will be used to develop programming to support Indigenous fundraisers and non-profits.

Special Guests

  • Sky Bridges – CEO, Winnipeg Foundation
  • Jennifer Johnstone – President & CEO, Central City Foundation
  • Sara Wolfe – Director, Indigenous Innovation Initiative at Grand Challenges Canada

Note: this session will not be recorded.

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